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Press Release

November 2023

At E2E Events, a leading Event Production Company, we are thrilled to announce a series of Cultural Exchange Events that will take place across the year.

E2E specialises in organising high-end niche cultural events across entertainment, travel, culture, and the arts. 

These events will showcase exceptional talents in Standup Comedy, Rap, and other styles featuring leading international artists from both European, British and Egyptian backgrounds. The headline sponsor for one of our exciting Cultural Exchange Events is SomaBay Development in Egypt-Red Sea, a prominent supporter of cultural initiatives. Also in collaboration with EgyptAir.

These unique and inclusive events feature international artists (Egyptian, UK, Europe, Arab and more) showcasing the richness and diversity of these cultures and providing a platform for cultural exchange, art exhibitions, music, dance, and food events that aim to increase awareness and understanding of these communities’ diverse cultures.

All the events are designed to connect cultures and provide opportunities for the British public to learn about and appreciate the cultural heritage, traditions, and contemporary expressions of Egyptian and Middle Eastern cultures.

Ghada Bar, CEO and Creative Director of E2E-Events commented, “The team at E2E events are so proud to announce the upcoming events and we are looking forward to bringing a Cultural Exchange events to London later this year.

These Cultural Fusion Events provide the British public with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the richness, traditions, and contemporary expressions of Egyptian and Middle Eastern cultures, fostering unity through appreciation and modernisation.


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